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Is there a WiFi network for guests to use?

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In addition to BishopNet, OWU offers an additional campus-wide wireless network called BishopGuest, which you may see pop up in your computer’s available wireless connections.

BishopGuest is an unsecured wireless network that is available only for temporary access for guests visiting OWU, such as alumni, parents, and other visitors to campus for events such as Homecoming or Alumni Weekend. Ohio Wesleyan University has no public internet access, wired or wireless, available to members of the Delaware community.

Gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other home devices may use this network.

Current OWU students, faculty, and staff should use BishopNet only for their wireless access, as it provides security, authentication, and service availability that is better than BishopGuest.

Guests and visitors who would like to access the BishopGuest wireless network must contact us to obtain a username and password.