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How do I use Softdocs Etrieve?

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Here's an overview of all you can do in the system.

Screenshot of Softdocs etrieve Central main interface / navigation menu

  • Inbox: Where you go to take action on a form that has been sent to you. See “How do I review or approve a change of schedule form or other workflow?” for details on this area.
  • Activity: Where you will find copies of all the forms you have taken action on. From here, you can view comments, see history, open attachments, download, or print these forms, but you cannot take any workflow actions on them.
  • Forms: This is where you will find live forms that you may be able to fill out and submit.
  • Drafts: Every form that you’ve ever edited is saved here in the last state they were in when you last saw them. Click EDIT to select and DELETE them, if you wish.
  • My Documents: This is where advisors may go to find any form submitted by their advisees, whether or not they are part of the workflow process. From here, you may download or print them.
  • <: Click this to collapse the main navigation menu, and show only icons.

Screenshot of Softdocs etrieve Central main navigation menu, collapsed