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Where can I see forms that my advisees have submitted?

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As an Advisor, you have access to the Change of Schedule and other forms that your advisees have submitted.

You can find them under Self-Service in My Documents. They'll be grouped by document types, or form:

Expand the document type to view individual forms:

(Student names appear next to the form name, if your screen is wide enough to display them.)

Here's an explanation of all areas in the Etrieve Central interface:

  • Inbox: This is where you'll find forms awaiting your review and approval or decline
  • Activity: This contains all in-progress and completed forms that you've taken part in the workflow of, regardless of approval or archival status. Forms will only show up here after you have interacted with them.
  • Forms: Here you will find all the forms that you have access to submit, grouped by department.
  • Drafts: Any form that you've modified in any way will be saved here, where you can continue filling it out before submitting or delete it. To delete a draft, click the Edit button. Put a check mark next to the draft you'd like to remove, and click DELETE.
  • My Documents: This contains only forms that have completed all workflow steps, been approved, and were archived. Forms your advisees have submitted in that status will be here, regardless of whether or not you took part in the workflow.