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How do I review or approve a change of schedule form or other workflow?

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You may receive an email from SoftDocs Etrieve Service Account ( with a simple message, like "A new Change of Schedule [Name - ID] has been posted to your Etrieve Central Inbox." To do so, and go to SoftDocs, you can click the link in the message or go to When you get there, you'll see something like this:

Selecting an item in your Inbox will open it on the right, where you can review what was submitted. Here is a sample of the Change of Schedule form:

Please note:

  • As an instructor or advisor, you won’t be editing any of the fields on the form.
  • If there is no course in the Add Courses section, the student is only requesting to drop one or more courses.
  • While all the student's classes are shown in the Drop/Withdraw From Courses section, they are requesting to only drop selected course(s). If no courses are selected in this section--no checkmarks, the student is only requesting to add one or more courses.
  • In the example above, the student is requesting to add MATH 110 and drop DATA 100.

At the bottom of that you'll see a toolbar with several buttons:

(or something like this on smaller screens: )

  • Approve: Use this to approve the change of schedule (or your step of another workflow,) which will send the form on to the next step in the process. This also removes it from your Inbox.
  • Decline: This disapproves the request and stops the workflow. Notice of this action is sent to the person who submitted the form.
  • Refer: This allows you to share this form with someone else. Start typing a name or email address to make your selection. You may refer a form to more than one person. Note that when you refer a form to someone else, it will be removed from your Inbox, until they approve it.
  • Return: Use this to send the form back to any previous user / step in the workflow.
  • History: Use this to view the history of the form in the workflow and any comments added to it. To add a comment, enter text in the Comment box and click the Save Comment link.
  • Attachments: This is where the person submitting the form, and anyone at any point in the workflow, goes to attach a file to the form. The pop-up window will show any files already attached and has an Upload Files link at the bottom.
  • Locked: A form is locked whenever you are interacting with it, meaning no one else has the option of taking any action on it at the same time. Clicking the lock will unlock it, allowing anyone else involved in that step of the workflow to select it in their Inbox and interact with it. Doing so locks it and causes it to be removed from your Inbox, and anyone else's inbox who also had access to it.
  • Download: Click this to download a PDF version of the form, including any attachments, history, and comments.
  • Print: Click this to print the form only.

Note that not all forms or workflows will have all the buttons.

Click here to watch a training video on the system. (OWU BishopApps login required.)