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How do I send a direct message to someone else's voicemail box?

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1. Dial 3978, enter the mailbox number plus the digit 2, of the person you wish to leave a message for. Example: Extension 4321 2
2. Record your message at the beep
3. Press * to stop recording, or # to start over
4. Before sending the message:

  • Enter 4 to Edit
  • Enter 5 to Listen to your recording
  • Enter 54 to mark the message Urgent (it will move to the top of the message stack)
  • Enter 55* to make Private (message cannot be forwarded)
  • Enter 56* to request a Return Receipt when the message is heard
  • Enter 57to have the message delivered at a future date:
    • Later in the day: Enter 0
    • The following Day: Enter 1
    • Two days later: Enter 2
    • To enter a date: Enter 9, then month 1-12, da