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How do I send a direct message to someone else's voicemail box?

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These instructions are for the old voicemail system. For information on the new system, please see the BishopWorks Knowledge Base.

1. Dial 3978, enter the mailbox number plus the digit 2, of the person you wish to leave a message for. Example: Extension 4321 2
2. Record your message at the beep
3. Press * to stop recording, or # to start over
4. Before sending the message:

    Enter 4 to Edit
    Enter 5 to Listen to your recording
    Enter 54 to mark the message Urgent (it will move to the top of the message stack)
    Enter 55* to make Private (message cannot be forwarded)
    Enter 56* to request a Return Receipt when the message is heard
    Enter 57to have the message delivered at a future date:
        Later in the day: Enter 0
        The following Day: Enter 1
        Two days later: Enter 2
        To enter a date: Enter 9, then month 1-12, da