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What does my password give me access to?

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Ohio Wesleyan uses one set of credentials for nearly all of our systems. This username and password grants access to systems such as:

1These allow you to use either your OWU username (ex: jqdoe) or your full email address (ex:
2These require your full OWU Email Address, instead of your username.

Guests and others who are not current students or employees may only have access to one of the above systems and not the others. For information on other systems that current OWU credentials typically have access to, see the Usernames and Passwords knowledge item in BishopWorks.

There are many other websites and services that ask for your email address to create an account. While they might have your OWU email address associated with them, the password for that site or service is likely not synchronized, and we cannot support it. Do not use your OWU account password for any other site or system.

ALSO NOTE: OWU Information Services will NEVER ask for your OWU password via e-mail. You should NEVER send any password via e-mail. If you receive a message that asks you to send your OWU username and password via-email — even from an address — do NOT reply to it. It is a tactic known as “phishing” to trick you into compromising your OWU e-mail account. For examples of such a messages, see the “What are Phishing Emails?” question below.