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What happens when you convert to EFL?

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Upon graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to convert your existing student email account to Alumni Email For Life (EFL). The conversion takes place under your control via a special web page. During conversion, the account username and email address will change (to something like ‘jane.doe.2024’ and ‘’, respectively) and you’ll assign the account a new password. You’ll also have the option of turning on temporary forwarding of mail sent to your old address so that it arrives at the new address. This is to give you time to notify your correspondents of the change of address. Everything else about the account will remain the same. All of your existing email, contacts, calendar entries, docs, sites, and settings will still be there, so you won’t have to move your stuff. You’ll still be able to send from and receive email to the account, just like before. It will still be hosted by Google and managed by OWU.

Please note: Email for Life accounts do not include unlimited data storage. We recommend keeping your storage usage below 100 GB.