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What is the typical new graduate timeline for converting to EFL?

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  • In May, the night after your records are updated to show that you’ve graduated, you will lose access to MyOWU and Self-Service. Your affiliation to OWU will change from current student to alumni. You will still have access to BishopNet and BishopApps.
  • In the third week of May, we’ll send you an email inviting you to convert your account to Alumni Email For Life (EFL). After converting to EFL, you may continue to use your OWU BishopApps account for as long as you wish. However, you will cease to have access to OWU systems that are only for students, including MyOWU, Self-Service, Blackboard, and BishopNet.
  • In the third week of July, if you haven’t yet converted your account to EFL, you’ll get an email from Information Services ( saying that you may no longer be eligible for your student email account. The message will include the link to convert your account to EFL.
    • If you receive an account removal warning, you’ll have a grace period of about two weeks before the account is locked for removal. During the grace period, you can either convert your account to EFL or contact us if your access to the student account should be extended for any reason.
    • If you still haven’t converted your account to EFL at the end of the grace period, the account will be locked for removal, and you will lose access to BishopApps, BishopNet, and all of our other systems. The student account will eventually be removed, and you will lose all of your data in OWU BishopApps.
  • Note that if you’re staying on campus past the two week grace period, and if Residential Life has contacted Information Services to let us know, then you’ll receive an appropriate extension to your grace period and will continue to have access to BishopNet and BishopApps.

For students graduating in December, your timeline will be different. Your status won't change to alumni until the first week or two of January, and you won't be able to convert your account until then.

Please note: Email for Life accounts do not include unlimited data storage. We recommend keeping your storage usage below 100 GB.