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What is Email for Life?

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All Ohio Wesleyan alumni are eligible for an Alumni Email for Life (EFL) account, with all the features and benefits of Google Workspace.

You become an alumni when the Registrar’s office updates your academic records to show that you’ve graduated. That typically happens by the end of the week after Commencement. Also, if you’re taking summer classes, or enrolled in a course with a summer travel component, your records may not be updated to show that you’re a graduate until later in the summer, after grades for these courses have been processed.

Graduating seniors will lose access to MyOWU and Self-Service on the morning after the Registrar changes their latest enrollment status to Graduated. This also applies to any student who is given a terminal enrollment status, such as withdrawn or de-registered.

New graduates and other seniors should continue to have access to BishopNet and BishopApps until their account is removed or until they convert their accounts to EFL, whichever comes first. Accounts are removed on a monthly cycle. Removal warnings are sent on the third Tuesday of the month with a projected grace period of about two weeks. Recent graduates will be exempted from the removal cycle for 2 full cycles after graduation.

Please note: Email for Life accounts do not include unlimited data storage. We recommend keeping your storage usage below 100 GB.