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How do I award writing credit in my class?

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(Students taking an approved writing course will receive writing credit with a passing grade in the class. These instructions are for writing options only.)

  1. If you have approved a student to take a writing option, please e-mail the course code, section, and student name(s) to the Registrar’s Office (if you have not already done so). They will create a special writing option section and enroll the student(s). You will then be able to grant writing option credit by awarding a grade of “S” in this special section or a “U” if the student did not complete the requirements.
  2. Log into OWU Self-Service at and click on the Classes tab.
  3. Click the Grading link on the bar below the tabs.
  4. This will default to the Activities Grades screen, which we do not use. Select Overall Grades on the left to proceed to the correct grading screen.
  5. Select the Writing Option course from the list of classes. (Note: The writing option code and section will correspond to that of the actual course.)
  6. This will display a list of students with two columns under Final: “My Grade” and “Actual Grade”. The “My Grade” column has drop-down buttons for each student row.
  7. Select “S” from the drop-down lists for each student (you may use the keyboard to tab from field to field) to award credit for the writing option and click the Submit Final button at the bottom of the list once you have finished entering all grades. If the student did not complete the writing requirements, please enter a “U”. The course is considered credit/no-entry and the “U” will have no impact on the student’s transcript. This “U” does not send the student to the writing center. See the instructions for final grades for more information on entering writing center “U” grades.
  8. You may also save grades in the My Grade column before submitting them by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the list. Be sure to submit grades once you have finished as saving does not import them into the database.
  9. You will then see the grade you have submitted has moved from the My Grade column to the Actual Grade column. You may then move to another course by starting over at step #2.

If you submit an incorrect grade or accidentally submit a grade that you should have commented on, you may make changes by clicking on the actual grade. A Change Grade window appears where you may change the grade and/or enter a comment. You will need to select a reason for making the change from the drop down to activate the process.