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How do I submit midterm grades for my class?

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  1. Log into OWU Self-Service at and click on the Classes tab.
  2. Click the Grading link on the bar below the tabs.
  3. This will default to the Activities Grades screen, which we do not use. Select Overall Grades on the left to proceed to the grading screen.
  4. Select the course for which you wish to enter grades in the middle of the screen.
  5. This will display a list of students with two columns under Midterm: “My Grade” and “Actual Grade”. The “My Grade” column has drop-down buttons for each student row and is where the grade should be entered. “P” and “U” for Passing and Unsatisfactory are near the bottom of that list.Please do not use “S” for a passing midterm grade. This is a final grade for an S/U course only. Appropriate midterm estimate grades are as follow:
    Use one of these mid-semester grade estimates if the student has a current grade of C- or higher.P current grade of C- or higherPN current grade of C- or higher and has stopped attending or is not engagedUNSATISFACTORY
    Use one of these mid-semester grade estimates if the student has a current grade below C-.


    U current grade of D+ or lower

    UN current grade of D+ or lower and is not attending or is not engaged

    Use one of these mid-semester grade estimates if the course does not have sufficient graded or evaluated work available at this time for you to have a basis for evaluation of the students in the course.

    Q no basis for evaluation

    QN no basis for evaluation and student is not attending or is not engaged

    Use this mid-semester grade estimate when a student is listed as registered for your course but has never attended. Think of this as a registration error.

    X student registered but not attending

    NOTE: Both midterm and final grading portals are now open. Be sure you are entering final grades for first module courses and midterm grades for full module courses.

  6. Select grades from the drop-down lists for each student (you may use the keyboard to tab from field to field) and click the Submit Midterm button at the bottom of the list once you have finished entering all grades. NOTE: if you will be submitting comments for a grade, you must enter comments first by clicking on the button to the left of the student’s name and selecting Midterm Comments. Be sure to begin your comment with the letter grade you are commenting on, such as “U – didn’t take midterm exam”. This allows the registrar’s office to query your comments for probation and dismissal purposes.
  7. You may also save grades in the My Grade column before submitting them by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the list. This allows you to partially enter grades and then return to finish them later. You may also add grade comments or make changes at this point. Be sure to submit grades once you have finished as saving does not import them into the database.