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How do I manage permission requests for my class?

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1. Log into OWU Self-Service at and click on the Classes tab.

2. Click the Enrollment link on the bar below the tabs.

3. Select Permission Requests from the menu on the left side of the screen. The title of the page should now read Enrollment – Permission Requests.

4. Click on Select Course just below the words Enrollment – Permission Requests.

5. Hover your mouse over registration term and your list of courses will appear off to the right. Click on the course you would like to review. You may also use the menu beneath the Select Course option to navigate to your course.

6. Only those students requesting permission will appear in the new window.

7. Choose Approved or Denied, whichever is appropriate, from the Status drop down menu and hit save. Changes will not be saved if you exit prior to saving.

Note: You can change the view from View All to, Approved, Denied, or Waiting using the Select Status drop down menu located in the upper middle of the window next to the course name. This makes it easier to find those students waiting for approval.

8. The system updates the registration totals and class roster upon your approval unless the student’s registration portal is closed. If the automatic update does not occur, the student will need to register for the course when the portal is again available to the student.

Tips: The registration window does not need to be open for you to give a student permission to enter a class.