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What are myths about class wait lists?

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Myth #1: The system will automatically assign the next person on the wait list if a seat becomes available.

Fact: The system will not assign the first person on the wait list. The only way a student on the wait list can add the course is if the professor sets the student’s wait list status to Pending in Self-Service. Faculty members can award the seat to any student on the wait list. Click here for detailed instructions on Wait List Management.

Myth #2: If a seat becomes available, the system will allow a student not on the wait list to “swoop in” and take the open seat.

Fact: Self-Service will not allow a student to fill an open seat until the wait list is exhausted. If there is one student on the wait list and one seat becomes available, the system will not allow anyone but the student on the wait list to register and that is only if the instructor set the student to Pending. If there are two seats available and one student on the wait list the system will allow one random student to register. If you keep a paper wait list, any student can take an open seat the moment it becomes available in self-service.

Myth #3: If a class is full but the professor wants to add a student from the wait list, s/he can do that by setting the student’s status to Pending and telling him or her to register.

Fact: The system will not allow a faculty member to over load a course above the set cap. To add a student over the cap, contact the Registrar’s Office and request an increase.

Myth #4: Once a faculty member sets a student on the wait list to Pending, the student is automatically registered.

Fact: Students must self-register within 48 hours of being set to Pending.

Myth #5: Students have an indefinite amount of time to add a course after the faculty member sets their status to Pending.

Fact: Students have 48 hours to register after they are set to Pending in self-service. If a student does not accept the Pending course, move on to the next student on the list.

Myth #6: Students can register for a Pending course even if their portal is closed.

Fact: Students cannot register for a course if their portal is closed even if it is a wait listed course set to pending. Keep this timing in mind when approving students from the wait list.