This page is about the campus portal at The OWU Alumni Community Home is available at

A new myOWU portal replaced the previous version on June 29, 2015.  It now supports mobile devices, has an improved interface, and many other new features.

MyOWU is an online portal for OWU faculty, staff and students. Many commonly used resources and websites will be collected in the portal, to serve as a starting point for information and processes at OWU. The content is dynamic and audience specific. Therefore, you will only see content that pertains to you based on your affiliation with OWU.

myOWU (HOME Page)

This is the initial launch page when you first log into the site and consists of content germane to most OWU account holders. Prominently positioned here will be any University announcements, such as campus closures and emergencies. There are modules or ‘webparts’ such as the OWU Daily and OWU Events calendar appear here.


The Menu drop-down box on the top left corner page allows access to the Students page which is available to all students and displays grade information, class schedules, account balances, a document library, and more.


The Menu drop-down box on the top left corner page allows access to the Faculty and Staff page which is only visible to campus employees and contains announcements pertinent to them. It features a documents repository and links to various employee specific resources.


This section contains links that are of interest to all OWU account holders, as well as specific links for Faculty/Staff and Students.


This drop down menu allows for quick access to various department, committees, and team sites.  You will only be able to access communities that are relevant to you.


myOWU contains a powerful search feature.  You may search just the Menu by using the search box after opening the slide out.  Searching from the search box on the right hand side will search all the content and pages you have access to.  The search center provides additional functionality to customize your search, and also shows the most popular pages and documents.


This feature, available to all users, includes important campus news and updates from departments such as Public Safety, Information Services, etc. on campus.


This feature, available to all users, includes important dates and other information about different upcoming university events, such as, athletic events, cultural events, speaker events, etc.


This feature shows important dates from the OWU academic calendar for both the Fall and Spring semester.


This feature allows you to customize your preferences for any particular campus links; for sites such as Blackboard, Self Service, etc.

If you want to manage or add a link to your bookmarks, just click on ‘Manage Bookmarks’ from the bottom. From the drop-down menu, you can select ‘Manage Existing Links’ to add/delete/modify your existing bookmark links. To add a new link, click on ‘Add to My Links’ from the initial drop-down menu. The following page that you get directed to will ask for the link’s details and the viewing preferences. Select your choices, click OK on the bottom of the page, and you should then be able to access the link from the Home page.


This feature shows the current weather of Delaware, OH and also gives a forecast of the weather for the upcoming week.


This shows a gallery of the most recent pictures taken from various sites on campus.


Single Sign-On (SSO)