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Astra Schedule is a central calendar for OWU’s rooms, events, classes, equipment, service providers, catering, students, faculty and event attendees. All of Astra’s info can be viewed and edited easily from the OWU Astra portal.

Requesting a Room Through Astra

Room reservations are now made through Astra Schedule’s portal. In order to reserve a room on campus students, faculty, and staff should navigate to the portal page, make sure to log in, and then click the “Events” tab on the top bar. It is necessary to click “Event Request” and fill in the information for your event/meeting, etc. before you will be able to request a room.

It will then take you to the requesting wizard, you will want to select “Event Request” and press “Next”.

After creating the meeting using the Meeting Recurrence section (see picture above) the meeting you created will then move into the Meetings section.  You must check the box in Meetings, in order to request the room. (Note: You cannot request a room before you have created the meeting!) 

You cannot complete an event registration/room reservation without logging in.

The instructions are located on page 17 of the How to at OWU guide. The Student Involvement Office also made an instructional video for assistance:

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