Blog Day

Five #blogday links…

#FWIW (while I’m still buried under the beginning of the year inundation…)

Here are five links I share with you, to sites that I find illuminating and helpful.

  1. A Blog: ProfHacker
    An official blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education, it features multiple authors and guest authors. The conversation in the comments is also good.
  2. A Facebook Group: Future Trends in Technology and Education
    Started by Bryan Alexander of NITLE, it’s a place to share and discuss ed tech topics.
  3. A Twitter Feed: EDTECH HULK
    Sometimes the best antidote to ignorance is sarcasm (and HULK SMASH!)
  4. Professional Group: Edu-ISIS
    A professional network of instructional technologists in (mostly liberal arts) higher education. It’s recently introduced the topic of changing its name…
  5. WebComic: XKCD
    For a refreshingly new perspective on anything.