Communication has evolved, thanks to Jing – the always-ready service that allows you to instantly share images and video, from your desktop to anywhere.

Tell your friends about Jing! Jing’s free, and while your friends don’t need Jing to see what you show them, they should download Jing so they can share back to you!

Be sure to visit the Jing Project Blog, where you can ask questions, give us feedback and share how you use Jing.

How does Screencast.com relate to Jing? Well, Screencast.com is TechSmith’s media hosting solution that Jing uses to securely host your content. It’s perfect for the kind of images and videos you’ll want to make with Jing. We use Screencast.com to ensure everyone has access to a free, secure hosting option that enables the fastest visual communication possible. You can upload or save your content in lots of other places, too!

With your free Screencast.com account, you get 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth per month. To access your Screencast.com account and find out more about how to use Screencast.com, visit: www.screencast.com.

TechSmith’s Jing, the fastest way to communicate visually!