Blackboard Ultra Navigation Update January 2018

The Base Navigation is the experience you have outside of a course. This was updated on January 2nd, 2018. The experience within a course (except for inline grading) was not changed.

  • New Ultra Base Navigation for All Users
    • As you open content, it slides out in a layer. You can easily see where you’ve been and navigate back to any spot.
    • The system automatically saves as you create. Review, refine, and share your work when you’re ready.
    • Courses are automatically organized by term.
    • New Tools: Organizations, Content Collection, and Portfolios.
      • Organizations are groups that behave like courses and allow group members to communicate and share documents.
      • Content Collection allows you to store, share, and publish content in personal or course folders. Link to files, instead of creating copies of them in each course.
      • Portfolios can be used to collect and organize content that represent the work done over time.
    • Notifications of course activity are more robust in this new environment. See below for details.
  • For Students
    • Students will now see all courses they’re enrolled in, but will only have access to the courses that instructors have made available to them.
    • Details about the course, such as its description, and contact info for the instructor, are readily available.
    • More information for students.
  • For Instructors
    • Making courses available to students is much easier, just click the eye icon on the course card. When the course is over, you can choose to make the course Closed, where students will still have read only access, or Private, where students lose all access.
    • Analytical statistics on student engagement are provided to you throughout the Activity Stream and Grades areas.
    • Inline grading capability will be updated to leverage the New Box View, which offers several improvements over Crocodoc, including improved rendering fidelity and expanded support for new file types.
    • More information for instructors.
Comparison of base navigation interfaces
What it will look like (Screenshots)

Some notifications about course activities are always on in the Ultra experience, and you can’t disable them. Plus, you will have the option to choose your notifications at the system level rather than the course level. These notification settings apply to both the Original and Ultra Course Views.

While you will have greater control over what shows up in your Activity Stream, what gets sent via email, and soon what gets pushed via SMS, there are some notices that can’t be opted out of. These can’t be turned off or removed from the Activity Stream or email notices:

  • Announcement available
  • Needs (Grade) Reconciliation

These only appear as email notices, and can’t be removed:

  • Retention Center Rule Details
  • Unread Blog Posts
  • Unread Discussion Board Messages
  • Unread Journal Entries

You can opt in or out of showing these activities in the Activity Stream:

  •  New course calendar items
  • New messages
  •  New content added
  • New gradable items
  • New courses available

New discussion messages (this one has two options if it’s enabled):

  • Discussions for all of my courses
  • Only discussions I’m participating

Along with choosing whether to receive individual message or a daily digest, you can opt in or out of receiving email notices for these activities:

  • New gradable items
  • New messages
  • New discussion messages
  • New content added
  • New and upcoming due dates
  • Overdue items
  • New courses available

Currently, Organization activities won’t trigger email notifications.

Notification Settings are accessible from the gear icon at top right on the Activity Stream, and also on your profile page, under System Settings.

Learn more about the Ultra Notification settings.

Videos on Blackboard's new Ultra navigation

Introduction to Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience (3 min.)

Blackboard Learn Ultra Demo – Teacher and Student View (20 min.)

Streamlined Grading in Blackboard Learn with Ultra Experience (2 min.)

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