Ohio Wesleyan uses one set of credentials for nearly all of its systems. This username and password grants access to:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: OWU Information Services will NEVER ask for your OWU password via e-mail. You should NEVER send any password via e-mail, as it’s an unsecured means of communication. If you receive a message that asks you to send your OWU username and password via-email — even from an address — do NOT reply to it. It is a spam tactic known as “phishing” to trick you into compromising your OWU e-mail account. For an example of such a message, see below.

What's my username?

Your username is the first part of your email address, what comes before Systems that require your full OWU email address should prompt you for your email address, rather than username.

OWU Password Requirements

Your account password must:

  • be at least six characters in length,
  • contain only alphanumeric characters and the underscore, and
  • not contain any other punctuation or spaces.

Your password is case sensitive. That is, ‘badpaswd’ and ‘BaDpaSwD’ are not the same.
Choose a password that’s easy to remember but hard to guess.

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Change Your OWU Password
  1. Go to the Change Password page.
  2. Enter your username and password (the username must be entered in lowercase.)
  3. When it updates the page, enter your current password in the first box, and a new password in the second and third boxes. The new password must be
    1. At least six characters in length
    2. Must contain only alphanumeric characters or the underscore (_), and
    3. Must not contain any other punctuation or spaces.

Passwords are Case Sensitive. That is, “badpaswrd” and “BaDpaSwD” are not the same. Choose a password that’s easy to remember but hard to guess.

You may also change your password through the myOWU tab section in your myOWU homepage. You can set a secret question through the same myOWU tab by clicking on the “Set Secret Question” link.

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Forgot Your Password?

If you forget your password but have created a secret question and answer within myOWU you can change your password without having to remember the old one. To do this, go to the Password Hint Web page. Alumni can use this link to set a password hint.

If you have not previously created a secret question, you must obtain a new password.

  • Students, faculty and staff who are trying to access their accounts must visit Information Services located on the first floor of the R.W. Corns Building. Be sure to bring your ID card as you will be required to present it. A new, temporary password will be generated.
  • Alumni who are trying to access their E-mail For Life accounts can contact the Help Desk at

Passwords will not be given out by e-mail and Information Services will never ask for your password via email. Be sure you know your password and have verified that it works before you leave campus for breaks!

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How to Identify Phishing Emails, with examples
Sample Phishing Email

Dear Webmail User,

This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail which periodically checks the size of inboxes, where new messages are received. The program is run weekly to ensure no one’s inbox grows too large. If your inbox becomes too large, you will be unable to receive new email. Just before this message was sent, you had 18 Megabytes (MB) or more of messages stored in your inbox on your Webmail.

To help us re-set your SPACE on our database prior to maintain your INBOX, you must reply to this e-mail and enter your   Current User name ( ) and Password( ).   You will continue to receive this warning message periodically if your inbox size continues to be between 18 and 20 MB. If your inbox size grows to 20 MB, then a program on Bates Webmail will move your oldest email to a folder in your home directory to ensure that you will continue to be able to receive incoming email. You will be notified by email that this has taken place. If your inbox grows to 25 MB, you will be unable to receive new email as it will be returned to the sender. After you read a message, it is best to REPLY and SAVE it to another folder.   Thank you for your cooperation.


See Important note, above.

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