Windows 7

BishopNet Wireless Access


Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network with Windows 7

  1. To configure your computer’s wireless network settings, first make sure your wireless is turned on. Next, click the wireless network icon in the taskbar (usually a five bar icon  in the lower-right corner of the desktop).
  2. Click on BishopNet in the list of available networks. Make sure that Connect automatically is checked, then click the Connect button. (Note: If BishopNet does not appear make sure you are within range of the campus wireless network inside an OWU building.)
  3. An authentication box will appear. Enter your OWU username and password then click OK. Note: you may get a Windows Security Alert stating that “The connection attempt could not be completed”. Don’t worry about this.  Click the Connect button.
  4. Once the authentication is successful you should have a limited connection to BishopNet.
  5. Now open a browser and go to to finish your registration. You will be asked for your OWU username and password one more time. Click Submit and you should be online with BishopNet in about 5  minutes.