WIFI Troubleshooting

Help With Bishopnet Wifi Setup and Connectivity

Are you a new student or a returning student? Have you ever connected successfully before? Returning students and all faculty and staff must have changed their password since May of 2008 to gain access to the BishopNet wireless network. Passwords can be changed here.

Check all settings by walking through the setup instructions again. Deleting and re-adding the network is a good idea.

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  • Try turning Airport off and then back on…
  • Try rebooting the computer…
  • Try turning DHCP off and then back on (this is under TCP/IP settings)…
  • Try disconnecting from BishopNet and reconnecting…

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Windows 7
  • The first confusing message box you may see is a Windows Security Alert stating that “The connection attempt could not be completed”. Don’t worry about this. Click the Connect button anyway.
  • Windows 7 should ask you to categorize the network profile. Choose Home. Do not choose Public. It may then ask you to configure file sharing. This can be done later. You can safely cancel this to make a connection.
  • If you’ve connected the computer to a Windows Domain network, it will want to use this domain in the username field. You do not want this. In order to make the username editable you have to go into the authentication properties for the network, (set it up manually.) Once you get there, the instructions are the same as for Windows XP step #5.

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