Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Ohio Wesleyan’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) is available for students, staff, and faculty who need access to the University’s network while working off-campus.

Palo Alto VPN instructions

Before you begin, uninstall the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Contact us for any assistance.

Then, note: The site can only be accessed while off campus, it will not work while connected to the campus network.

  1. The GlobalProtect VPN client must first be downloaded from
    Log in with your OWU username (the first part of your email address) and password.
  2. Install the GlobalProtect client to the default location

    On Mac, you only need the GlobalProtect package. Mac installer screen, showing package selection

  3. To launch the client, single-click the globe icon in the menu bar or system tray in the taskbar. Note, it might be in hidden icons. (On Mac, it will not launch from the Applications folder or Launchpad.) Enter “” as the portal address.
  4. Complete the connection by entering your OWU username and password, then click Connect.

Note: While there is also a Palo Alto GlobalProtect app available for iOS and Android, we do not have license to use our VPN on mobile devices. It will only work on macOS or Windows.