LANDesk is an asset management software system used to remotely inventory and manage desktop computers. It has the ability to report on installed software and hardware, and allow remote assistance.

How to Install the LANDesk client on Windows
To get started, click on this link to download the installer:

Open the file you have downloaded, and double click on “Landesk_Client_Windows…”.  This will start the installation process, which will take 3 to 5 minutes.  The installer will quit on its own when complete.


Once you have installed the software, please follow these steps to complete the setup:
  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Hover over All Programs to expand it.
  3. Click on the LANDesk Management folder.
  4. Click Custom Data Forms.
  5. Fill out the 4 fields displayed and click Finish. If you don’t see an error you’re done. The setup will not display a confirmation screen.

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How to Install the LANDesk client on a Mac

To get started, click on this link and download the appropriate installer:

If you are not sure which OS your system is running complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose “About this Mac”.
  • The version number will be displayed below the Apple logo.

After extracting the zipped file you will see a folder containing the installation package and the registration form.

Install the LANDesk client by double clicking on the application titled LDMSClient.mpkg

If you receive the following error:

You need to complete the following steps:

  • Open System Preferences
  • In the Personal section click on the Security and Privacy icon.
  • You will need to unlock this section to make chankes. Click the gold padlock in the lower-left of the window. Enter the administrative credentials for your system.
  • After unlocking the section, change the permissions in the section titled “Allow applications downloaded from:” to the option of “Anywhere”.


You should now be able to install the LANDesk client. Please try the installation again.

Next, run the second item within the download folder. This is the Item titled OWU Request Form. Simply double click on the Icon and fill in the requested information. Upon completion of the registration form the LANDesk client will be successfully installed and registered on your MAC.

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Is it mandatory?

The LANDesk agent is highly recommended for all OWU assets.

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Why are we deploying LANDesk?

Asset Management

All workstations with the LANDesk Agent provide valuable inventory data such as: serial number, available storage, operating system, total RAM, and age of hardware.

Remote Assistance / Efficiency

Information Services strives to provide the best customer service experience. With the users’s consent and LANDesk Remote Assistance, Help Desk analysts can see exactly what the customer sees. This allows them to provide help instantly, over the phone. Field technicians can thus be deployed more quickly to attend to urgent hardware and software issues that require a physical presence.


LANDesk can create customized, detailed reports regarding departmental hardware and software assets.  For example, IS can quickly see what operating systems are installed on campus.  See an example report here.

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What is asset management?

Asset management is a combination of inventory control and maintenance. It helps IS and departments answer basic questions about their computing environment, such as:

  • How many workstations do we own?
  • When did we deploy this workstation?
  • Is the workstation due for replacement?
  • Is the workstation in use?
  • Is the workstation using one of our software licenses?
  • Is the workstation up to date with the latest antivirus signatures?

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Will LANDesk change settings on my computer?

No. The LANDesk Agent communicates exclusively with the LANDesk Core server to ensure that the managed workstation is up to date, and protected from malicious software. Additionally the Agent performs a hardware and software inventory scan, once a day when the computer is idle.

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What can be seen on my computer with LANDesk?

LANDesk will not permit IS to view the files on your computer. Using LANDesk, IS can only view inventory information about the hardware components and software applications.

When using the Remote Assistance tool, you are able to grant permission to a Help Desk Analyst and to share your desktop with them. During a Remote Assistance session, they will see exactly what you see and be able to move the mouse cursor and type through the keyboard. Please note: permission must be granted for each session before viewing begins.

A Remote Assistance session is just like having that person sitting with you in your office: you will be able to see each action as it is performed. You can stop the session at any time.

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Will Info Services be monitoring user behavior?

No. LANDesk does not monitor staff, faculty, students, or the websites they visit. LANDesk does check to see if your software applications are up to date with the latest Microsoft patches, as well as patches from other companies such as Adobe, Apple, HP, and Sophos. LANDesk also returns important information to administrators about the hardware installed in a university-owned systems.

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What information is collected?

The inventory contains detailed information about all of the hardware components and software applications installed on your computer. It can be used to determine how much and what kind of memory is in your computer, what operating system you have, and the versions of the software installed. The inventory tool will run in the background no more than once per day.

This information assists IS while troubleshooting a problem with your computer. Inventory information will also help departments evaluate their current technology assets when it is time to buy new computers. The inventory tool cannot access any of your personal files.

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Handling an 'Unidentified Developer' Error

If you receive an “Unidentified developer error” while trying to install the Landesk Client or the Registration form on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. A. Open System Preferences from the Apple menu and choose Security & Privacy:S&P
  2. Click the lock icon located in the lower left of the screen and enter your administrator password to make modifications.
  3. In the section titled “Allow applications downloaded from:” change the option from “Mac App Store and Identified developers” to “Anywhere”. See below.
  4. Click “Allow From Anywhere” in the box that appears.AllowfromAnywhere
  5. Click the lock icon again to prevent accidental changes to these preference.
  6. Try again to install the LANDesk client.

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