Internet Registration

Ohio Wesleyan is a Bring Your Own Device campus. You’re welcome to bring mobile devices, and use them on our WiFi. Students, faculty and staff may register their devices here. Campus visitors and guests should see the BishopGuest page. Registration is required for all such devices, whether connecting by WiFi or wired.

Please note: the registration pages linked below are only available while connected to the OWU campus network.

To Register This Device

REGISTER this device (the one you’re using to read this now) on BishopNet WiFi or Wired connection in some dorms.  (Not all residential halls have wired networking.) For specific instructions, see the BishopNet page.

The OWU Bishop mascot, running on a field with football players in the backgroundFor All Other Devices

You’ll need to obtain the MAC/PHYSICAL/HARDWARE address of the device you’d like to connect.  It’ll have numbers and/or letters in six pairs, like this:

aa:bb:cc:11:22:33     or this:     aa-bb-cc-dd-11-22

For specific instructions to obtain that address, see the Gaming Consoles and Smart TVs page.


REGISTER another device on BishopGuest. This is for any device not capable of connecting to BishopNet, (usually due to our enterprise security.)


REGISTER another device on our WIRED residential network. This is for devices that don’t have a web browser, but have a network (ethernet) port.