Phillips 208 Interactive Whiteboard

Phillips 208 has a cart with the same equipment as 209 and the same control box as all the other Phillips classrooms. However, 208 also has our only IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard system. IPEVO Annotator software is installed on the MacBook in that room.

The IW2 transforms nearly any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard for learning and presentations.  It’s made up of three devices: the Interactive Pen, the Sensor Cam, and the Wireless Receiver.  The Sensor Cam reads infrared signals emitted by the Pen and sends that information wirelessly to the Receiver, which is plugged into the computer’s USB port. The Pen’s motion – as well as button presses – are translated into cursor movements, mouse clicks, and mouse drags.  Note: it won’t work if the Wireless Receiver is plugged into a USB hub, it must be plugged directly into the MacBook.

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