Lab Chromebooks

Our Microbiology/Zoology labs have a set of Chromebooks for use in doing lab work. These, lightweight, portable computers have been configured to provide access to a virtual lab computer. Below are some instructions for using them.

1) Signing in to the Chromebook: you may log in with your full OWU BishopMail address and password.

2) It may take a minute or two for the VMware Horizon Client to load.

Launcher syncing apps


VMware Hoizon Client icon


3) Click the icon to launch the app. The VMware Horizon screen will open:

VMware Horizon screen

4) Enter this information:

  • Server Name or Address:
  • Server Description (optional): OWU VDI

5) Press Enter or click the green Connect button. You’ll then see a login screen: login screen

6) Here you should enter the User Name and Password provided to you by your lab instructor. You’ll then see the Biology Lab VDI Pool icon at top left:

Biology Lab VDI Pool icon7) Click on it and the desktop will load…

Loading Desktop progress bar

8) Once it’s loaded, you’ll be in a Windows 7 desktop with icons for lab software. Use the apps as instructed for your lab.

9) When you’re done working in the virtual desktop, select Shut Down from the Start menu.

Note: When you disconnect your VDI session and return to the Hoizon View screen, it’s not obvious how to close the client app. You can exit out by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, where an X will appear in the top right corner, or by pressing Esc twice.