Conflicting Google Accounts

Why do I have two existing Google accounts for my email address?

For some time, Google has been trying to force the reconciliation of conflicting accounts. These are personal accounts (not managed within the OWU BishopApps domain) for non-core Google services (core = Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive Sheets, Slides, and¬†Sites) that people signed up for using their email address. They must have signed up for these accounts prior to 2010, when we included lots of other Google services (YouTube, Blogger, Google +, Analytics, Chrome Management, Maps, Photos, etc.) in our G Suite for Education domain, formerly¬†known as Google Apps for Education. Users may not remember creating these accounts or even be aware that they have them, so they’re confused when they see this prompt:

No notice will be sent to users, but the next time they go to sign in to a browser that doesn’t remember them (where they haven’t clicked the ‘Stay signed in’ box when entering their password) they’ll get the notice. We have no way to find out which users in our domain have conflicting accounts, but Google has instructions posted (pretty much the same as they were years ago) and should be simple to follow.

Click here for more information on how a conflicting account is created.
Click here for a Help Center Article that will help you resolve the conflicting accounts. Click here for instructions to delete your personal Google account.

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