Self-Service Shared Access

Self-Service at Ohio Wesleyan University lets students give selected relatives online access to key information. Students can grant permissions to view the following: Academic Plan, Address, Balance, Financial Aid, Grade Report, Schedule, and Stop List. This lets the student’s relative login with a username and password to access shared student information 24/7.

Parents with multiple students enrolled at OWU can see information about every student who has invited them to share access from the same Shared Access account.

How Do I Grant Access?

Please note: Shared billing and payment access is now handled via Nelnet, our campus commerce site. Self-Service shared access is used for granting a relative access to your financial aid, grades, and other academic information.

In Self-Service, the relative must already be listed in the system as having a relationship with the student. In many cases, this has already been done. If the person you wish to invite to share access does not appear in the drop down box described below, or the person’s email address is incorrect, please contact us.

Send invitation via Self-Service

  1. Log in to Self Service at
  2. Click on “My Profile”
  3. Click on “Shared Access”
  4. Click on “Invite A User”
  5. Verify the Relative
  6. Verify the Email Address (*This step is critical, see bold text below) If there is no email address shown, then the invitation will be sent to the relative via the student’s email address.
  7. Place a checkmark next to the information you wish to allow. You may share your academic plan, schedule, grades, stop list, financial aid, and/or address.
  8. Read and place a checkmark next to the Disclosure Statement
  9. Click “Send Invitation”. This will send an email invitation to the other party.

* The invitation will be sent to the email address displayed in step 6. An incorrect email address may allow unintended access to your account. You are responsible for granting this access so be sure that the email address is correct.

You may view invitations by selecting “Manage Invitations” on the left. However, note that the “Valid Until” date associated with an invitation there only applies to the invitation, not to the Shared Access user account.  The “Valid Until” date remains on that screen even after the invitation is accepted. The invitation is separate from the account. Invitations have a limited duration, can be revoked and reissued by the student. Once an invitation is confirmed, the shared access account is created, and is persistent until revoked by the student.

Allow Authorized Party in Nelnet

  1. Access Nelnet via the Current Balance or Make a Payment links on the Finances tab in Self-Service.
  2. On the Home screen, at the bottom of the list under your name on the right, click the Add an Authorized Party link, under “Want to allow a friend or family member to pay toward your balance?”
  3. Enter their name at the top of the page.
  4. Check the box next to “Include the details that make up my balance” if you’d like to share more than just your current balance.
  5. Enter a secret question and answer that both of you will know.
  6. Enter their email address.
  7. Click the Save button, then click the Save and Send button.
  8. Nelnet will send an invitation message to them that they will have to click a link in to create their account.


How Do I Remove Access?

In Self-Service

To add or remove access, or to delete access completely for a specific user, you can click on “Manage User Access”  and make the appropriate changes. To revoke all access, click “Delete User”. You will receive a confirmation email when an account is deleted. You are responsible for maintaining your shared access accounts and reviewing, adding, and removing access as appropriate.

In Nelnet

Just click “my profile”, “manage payers”, then deactivate whoever you’d like.

How Do I Change My Password? (Parents)

Click here to change your password. You must know your current password in order to log in.

If you don’t know your current password, or it’s not working, contact us.

How Do I View My Student's Information?
  1. When the student grants access, you will receive an email with a confirmation URL that you must click on to activate the account.
  2. Within 24 hours of activating the account, you will receive a second email with your login information. The message will be from (*current OWU employees please see the note in bold below).
  3. Go to
  4. Login with the information provided in the email.
  5. Click on “View Student Information”.
  6. Select the appropriate link for the information desired.SelectLink

* Please note that if the relation already has an active Self-Service account (such as a parent who is also an OWU employee), they will be able to login with their OWU BishopApps credentials immediately after clicking the confirmation email and will not need additional information.

**  Parents with multiple students enrolled at OWU can see information about every student who has invited them to share access from the same Shared Access account. 

What Balance Info Can I See?

Clicking the Balance link will take you to the Nelnet Student Account Center.

  • On the Summary page it will display the current balance by semester and total amount due. Note: Parentheses around any number means a credit. The account activity and summary balance due are realtime and always current.
  • There are other tabs: Transaction Details displays all transaction detail. This defaults to all dates but can be changed to display by term.
  • The View Current Statements tab will list all statements that have been posted for a term period.
  • Note: Any transaction with a negative sign in front of it or parentheses around it is a credit or reversal of a charge. Remember the statement is as of the date if was created.
  • The Set up a Payment Plan tab allows you to enroll in the monthly payment plan or displays the plan in which you are already enrolled.
If You Have More Than One Student

Parents with multiple students enrolled at OWU can see information about every student who has invited them to share access from the same Shared Access account.

If a parent with multiple students needs to have her password reset, then all students who have granted shared access will have to rescind that access. Otherwise, the original account will remain intact but will show information only for the students who have not rescinded access. Only after all access has been removed should one or more of those students re-invite the parent to share access, at which point a new account can be created.

Students will find instructions above for removing and granting access.

Link to this section of the page.

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