Budget Review

How to use Budget Review at OWU:

  1. Login to https://my.owu.edu
  2. Select the  “Budget Reports” link
  3. The Budget Reports landing page will open in a new tab, with a drop-down to select the fiscal year and a list of links to different types of reports.  Click the link for the report you wish to view. You will then be prompted to sign-in with your OWU credentials.

If you need to change to a different account, click on “Reporting Tree” on the bottom left.  Accounts that you have permission to view are in black, and the rest will be in gray.

If you wish to download a copy of the report, click on the “Download” icon and select the appropriate filetype (excel for most users).
The header may be hidden by default.  If you would like to have this appear, click on “Show” and then “Header and Footer”.  This is helpful if you need to show the time period the report covers or the specific account number. You’ll also find options for “Charts and Comments” plus “Previous reports” in that Show menu.