Campus Street Addresses

  • Bashford Hall (BASH)
    Street Address: 70 South Liberty
  • Beeghly Library (LIB)
    Street Address: 40 Rowland Avenue
  • Bradford Milligan Hall
    Street Address: 68 South Liberty
  • Branch Rickey (BR)
    Street Address: 105 South Sandusky Street
  • Butler A. Jones House of Black Culture
    Street Address: 65 Oak Hill Ave
  • B&G, Maintenance Service Building (MSB)
    Street Address: 28 Hayes Street
  • Chappelear Drama Center (CHAP)
    Street Address: 45 Rowland Avenue
  • Delaware Entrepreneurial Center (DEC)
    Street Address: 70 South Sandusky Street
  • Early Childhood Center (ECC)
    Street Address: 37 Park Avenue
  • Edgar Hall (EDG)
    Street Address: 35 South Sandusky Street
  • Edwards Gym/Simpson Query Fitness Center (ESQ)
    Street Address: 105 South Sandusky Street
  • Elliot Hall (ELL)
    Street Address: 79 South Sandusky Street
  • Gillespie Honors House
    Street Address: 81 Oak Hill Avenue
  • Hamilton-Williams Campus Center (HWCC)
    Street Address: 40 Rowland Avenue
  • Haycock Hall (HYCK)
    Street Address: 31 Hayes Street
  • Hayes Hall (HAYS)
    Street Address: 165 West William Street
  • Merrick Hall (MERR)
    Street Address: None officially. For deliveries, it’s next door to Phillips (50 South Henry Street.)
  • Mowry Alumni Center (MALC)
    Street Address: 16 Rowland Avenue
  • Perkins Observatory (PERK)
    Street Address: 3199 Columbus Pike
  • Phillips Hall (PHIL)
    Street Address: 50 South Henry Street
  • Power Plant (POWR)
    Street Address: 30 Wilmer Street
  • R.W. Corns Building (CORN)
    Street Address: 78 South Sandusky Street
  • Richard M. Ross Museum (ROSS)
    Street Address: 78 South Sandusky Street
  • Roy Rike (RIKE)
    Street Address: 249 Park Avenue
  • Sanborn Hall (SANB)
    Street Address: 23 Elizabeth Street
  • Schimmel-Conrades Science Center (SCIC)
    Street Address: 90 South Henry Street
  • Selby Stadium (SELB)
    Street Address: 45 South Henry Street
  • Slocum Hall (SLOC)
    Street Address: 75 South Sandusky Street
  • Smith Hall (SM)
    Street Address: 38 South Liberty Street
  • Sturges Hall (STUR)
    Street Address: 85 South Sandusky Street
  • Stuyvesant Hall (STUY)
    Street Address: 223 West William Street
  • Thomson Hall (THOM)
    Street Address: 62 South Liberty Street
  • University Hall (UNIV)
    Street Address: 61 South Sandusky Street
  • Welch Hall (WEL)
    Street Address: 56 South Liberty Street

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