Starfish FAQ

Starfish is an online student success system that provides a comprehensive view of student interactions campus-wide. This service, available to students, faculty, academic advisors, and student support staff, streamlines workflow to provide the best service for students while increasing the ability for instructors and advisors to provide feedback or react to student needs.


Starfish offers students a service to help them achieve success in their classes. It also provides access to a network of faculty and staff generated from their course history, where they can see contact information or schedule meetings.

The student navigation menu on the Starfish dashboard

  • What’s Raise Your Hand? This allows students to send in questions when they need help. If a student requires help but doesn’t know where to start, they can send in a question to their adviser or the instructor of a class. Students can ask for assistance with other matters as well.

The Raise Your Hand dialogue

  • What’s My Success Network? This compiles all the instructors that the student has taken a class with, along with the Academic Advisor, into the student’s network. Here, students can get contact information or schedule a meeting if the instructor has made online scheduling an option.

Instructors and Advisors

For instructors, Starfish provides a streamlined process of contacting and assisting students. You can quickly send text messages and emails to students, depending on the student’s notification preferences. with Starfish, instructors can be sent Raise Your Hand messages from students, allowing instructors to quickly provide feedback or address a student’s problem outside of the classroom. In addition to this, Starfish has a flag and kudos system, where an instructor can inform the student on areas that they need to improve on or congratulate a student for their performance in the course.

For advisors, Starfish provides detailed information of the advisees’ educational career. An advisor can view student data such as:

  • GPA
  • Credits
  • Major(s)
  • Minor(s)
  • Pell Grant Eligibility
  • First Generational
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • High School GPA
  • Course History
  • Grade History
What's it look like? (Screenshots)

Once you open an image, you can browse all the images on the page, including ones in collapsed sections. There’s a Pause/Play button at top right.

Why should I Set Up Office Hours?

Starfish provides a simple and efficient way for people on campus to schedule time with one another; whether that time is face-to-face, over the phone, or even online. All you have to do to get up and running in Starfish is setup your office hours, which lets people know when you will be available during the term. Then others on campus will be able to schedule appointments with you electronically.
Once you’ve signed up, your office hours will automatically appear on your OWU BishopApps Calendar. You may also elect to receive email notifications from Starfish informing you about your upcoming meetings. Each notice will include the reason for the visit, the person’s picture if available, and a link to their profile.
A well-connected campus is a better campus.

The Office Hours set up screen allows instructors and advisors to set up their availability that students can see and schedule appointments around.

How do I Raise a Flag about a student?
      • Click on the blue “Students” tab in the ribbon at the top
      • In the “Connection” drop down box, select a list of students
        • “All My Students”  lists all students with records you can access
        • “Instructor” lists all students enrolled in one of your courses this semester
        • “Academic Advisor” lists your advisees
        • Select a particular course name for a list of students in that course
      • Click on a student’s name / picture to bring up that student’s record.  You’ll note that you have access to more information for your advisees than for students enrolled in your courses who are not your advisees
        • Click on the “’Flag” button to input a concern
        • You can also click on “Kudos” to send positive feedback to a student
        • Select the type of flag you’d like to raise. 
        • NOTE:  the blue box will tell you who will receive notice of each action.  Some actions are copied to students; you’ll want to know if you are sending information to the student or not.  Notices of actions are sent via e-mail.
        • Click “Save” to distribute the action
        • You can view a list of this student’s current instructors & advisor on the “Network” tab
        • You can view this student’s current schedule on the “Courses” tab
        • You can see some of the other flags / kudos that have been entered for this student in the “Notes” tab
        • To close the student’s box, click on the white X above the student’s picture
      • Click on “logout” in the upper right corner of the screen to end the session