Remote access

Information Services provides a variety of options for working while away from the office.  Many of our systems are available from off campus, including Self Service, myOWU, Reporting Services, Budget Review, and others.  Below are a couple of additional services that may be helpful should you need to work from off campus locations:

  1. Google Chat and Video.  This service allows you to see who else from OWU is online.  You can click on their name and have a text chat regardless of where they are physically located.  Of course, this service is valuable on campus as well!  Google Video allows two way video conferencing between OWU users.  Each device requires a web cam for two way video.  See this page for information on enabling Google Chat and Video.
  2. Blackboard Discussions.  Several features within existing Blackboard courses allow faculty to continue classroom discussions online in various formats, whether asynchronous or in realtime.
  3. Call Forwarding.  This campus phone feature allows you to forward incoming calls to a home phone or cell phone.  Instructions for enabling this feature are available here.  We recommend contacting Information Services prior to setting this up as long distance charges may apply.
  4. Virtual Private Network (VPN).  This service creates a virtual network between your remote network and the OWU network.  As a result, you can access restricted services, such as network fileshares, PowerCampus, Raisers Edge, and Dynamics back office applications.  Information on setting up a VPN connection are available here.  Please be advised that this setup will likely require assistance from Information Services, so please contact in advance if you feel this may be necessary.  VPN works well with Remote Desktop to allow off campus access to your desktop or laptop located on the OWU campus.
  5. Google Docs Upload files to Google Docs so you can access them anywhere.  You can share docs with others, both internal to OWU and external.  IS recommends keeping highly confidential docs on the OWU fileshare to avoid accidental sharing.

IS will continue to update this page with new services as they are available.  Please direct any questions to the Help Desk.