Print Green Initiative

This is an optional program and is intended to create new efficiencies, introduce new technologies, and reduce energy consumption and costs. Numerous printing, copying, scanning, and faxing devices have been replaced by a fewer number of more energy and cost efficient multi-function printers. For more information, check out the blog article OWU Printing: “Print Green” Printing Green can be easier than you think. By following some of the suggestions listed on this page, you can reduce your paper usage and print more environmentally friendly.


Tips for Printing Green
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Tips for Printing Green

Try the following tips to reduce page usage when printing:

  • Printing double-sided to reduce the page usage by half
  • Place presentation slides 3-up, 4-up or even 6-up per page.
  • Printing 2 pages per side, using Landscape orientation, can yield 4 pages of information using only 1 piece of paper.
  • Reduce margin space when possible
  • Use a smaller font size that is still readable: Generally 10 pt is good for Arial, while 11 pt is acceptable for Times New Roman.
  • Reduce space between lines or paragraphs
  • Only print the pages you really need, rather than printing the whole document

Other suggestions:

  • When using your own printer, try to use recycled paper.
  • Dispose of scrap or unwanted documents in a paper recycling bin.

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