Concur Travel and Expense integrates travel booking and expense reporting into a single system. By combining these functions, you are able to book travel and submit expense reports using the same tool.

This system offers enhanced features including:

  •  Single sign-on: Log into the system using your OWU user id and password
  • Mobile capabilities: Book travel and submit/approve expense reports via your device.
  • Integrated travel and expense: Book travel and link itineraries to expense reports.
  • E-receipts: Attach receipt images to a report instead of scanning paper receipts.
  • Copy expense: Copy expenses from one line to another.
  • Smart expenses: Itinerary data is captured at the time travel is booked, and credit card charges and electronic receipts can be automatically populated in the expense report.
  • Improved interface: Book travel and create expense reports more easily.
  • Rewards Programs: Link all personal travel rewards programs to continue accruing additional rewards.

Training materials such as web-based training and quick reference guides are available on the Purchasing Website.