Try IT Corner

Information Services is pleased to provide this space to the campus community, for hands-on demonstrations of educational technology.

Stop by the Help Desk and find our creative Try IT Corner where you can check out any of these innovative technologies.

3D Printing

3D printers have actually been around for about 30 years, but they’ve become much more affordable in the last few years. Printed objects can be incredibly intricate. They can also be created with working components, hinges, and parts within parts. 3D printing has caught the attention of educators who are looking into ways to incorporate it into the classroom. This could mean:

  • Biology students studying cross-sections of hearts or other organs.
  • Chemistry students printing out molecules to study.
  • Geography students printing out maps showing the topography, population, or demographics of an area.
  • Graphic design students creating 3D versions of their work.
  • History classes printing out historic artifacts for closer examination.

Read our Success Story on the 3D printer in Botony-Microbiology, or learn more about our 3D printer on the manufacturer’s website.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard is a a fun and easy (and low cost!) way to experience virtual reality (VR) on your own smartphone. Enjoy its wonders on your own smartphone, or on one of ours.

We also have MergeVR Goggles, for virtual reality, and a MergeVR Cube, that nicely demonstrates the possibilities of augmented reality (AR).

With Google Cardboard, you can also set out on a virtual journey thorugh nature with Google Expeditions. Explore various trek routes and breathtaking locations right from your phone.

The Google Glass Explorer Edition, is another good demonstration of the possibilities of AR. It displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, and you can communicate with it via natural language voice commands. Using it’s built-in video camera, it’s ideal for recording first-person experiences, such as for training videos.

Interactive Whiteboards

You’ve likely heard of SMART Boards–interactive whiteboards and screens have come a long way since their introduction and popularity…

Consisting of a wireless sensor camera and an interactive pen, the IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System allows users to interact with projected images on any surface. The sensor picks up the movements and clicks of the interactive pen, and directly reflects them onto your computer screen. IPEVO is a convenient and easy to make your classroom more interactive.

Wireless Presentation

A convenient way for you to mirror your laptop, tablet, or smartphone onto a TV or projector screen, is by using an Apple TV with AirPlay mirroring, with no wires, cables, or adapters to worry about! And you don’t need a Mac or iOS device; you can use AirParrot to mirror a Windows laptop or tablet to an Apple TV.

There are Apple TVs currently in use in Elliott, Meek Aquatic Center, Phillips, R.W. Corns, and Stuyvesant learning spaces. Find out more about our own AirPlay mirroring here.

Prijector is another device that connects directly to a TV or projector. It enables one to share their full-screen and present wirelessly from any mobile device. It supports many web conferencing apps, such as Skype, Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts, WebEx Meetings, Polycom RealPresence, Cisco Jabber, LifeSize ClearSea, Vidyo and BlueJeans.

Google Chromecast also allows you to stream content wirelessly from your mobile device to a TV or projector. It’s similar to, but more limited than, Apple’s AirPlay mirroring.