Telecommunications: General Procedures

Fraudulent Calls

For your protection, the Telecommunications Department is able to detect and investigate fraudulent calls. If you are receiving obscene or harassing telephone calls, notify your RLC or the Public Safety Office. The University’s Harassment Policy is contained on page 39 of the STUDENT HANDBOOK. Students who use the telephone and its Phone Mail capacity to harass or otherwise abuse others will be prosecuted through the University Judicial System.

Additionally, misuse of the telephone may result in prosecution through the local criminal court. Section 2917.21 of the Penal Code of the State of Ohio makes it unlawful for any person to (1) fail to identify themselves to the recipient and make the telephone call with purpose to harass, abuse, or annoy any person, (2) describe, suggest, request, or propose any sexual activity, or (3) knowingly state to the recipient of the telephone call that he intends to cause damage to or destroy public or private property.

Campus and Local Service

Calls to campus telephones, local Delaware calls and 800 and 888 calls can be made on an unlimited basis without charge. (see dialing instructions)

University Operator Service

University operators are on duty 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday thrugh Friday only. 368 extension numbers are direct dial telephone numbers. Callers may dial 740 – 368 plus your extension number to reach you without going through a University operator. Please notify callers of your direct dial telephone number.

Calling Card Calls

Telephone calling cards are available from AT&T or private carriers (MCI, Sprint, etc.) and may be used on the University’s telephone system. Since most carriers make a surcharge on each call placed by calling card, using the University’s direct dial long distance service should prove more economical and convenient.

Operator Services

To place a call, dial # – 6800, area code, and telephone number. Wait for an operator to answer if placing a collect call. Wait for tone and enter your calling card number if using a calling card.

Direct any complaints to:FCC
Enforcement Division
Common Carrier Bureau
Mailstop 1600A2
Washington, DC 20554

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