Sharp Aquos Classroom TVs

Guidelines and tips to help you learn more about the Sharp Aquos Smart TVs in:

  • Corns 109, 202, and 302
  • Elliot 005, 011, 101, and 205
  • Merrick 201, 202, 203, and 204*
  • Sturges 105 and 109

Many of these Sharp Aquos Smart TVs have Internet access and are connected to BishopGuest. This gives them access to Netflix and other streaming content, which you may need your own account to use. If the TV is not connecting to the Internet, please let us know.

To use your own device, the TVs can connect with either VGA or HDMI. They also have USB for displaying a slide show of images on a memory stick/thumb drive/flash drive.

Note: These screens are fully high definition (HD) and can display at high resolutions. Keep in mind, when mirroring a computer or laptop screen, small print and images will be in full detail but may be hard to see from the back of a room. In Corns 109, where there is an instructor PC connected to the TV, the screen resolution has been lowered to account for this.

There is a remote for every TV (with the exception of Merrick 204) that should be tethered to its side.

20151005_160042Directly beneath the numeric pad are two small, useful buttons in the middle of the row: AV Mode and View Mode. The second can be used to remove the black frame around the display.

AV MODE: This allows you to adjust the picture quality to best match the surrounding ambient light. The options are:

  • AUTO
  • GAME
  • USER [TV]
  • DYNAMIC – this is what they’ve been set to
  • DYNAMIC (Fixed)

VIEW MODE: This allows you to select the screen size. Adjusting this will get rid of any black frame around the image. Depending on the input, you will see a combination of some of these options:

  • Stretch
  • Dot by Dot – may cause the black frame
  • Side Bar – best for viewing conventional 4:3 programs in their normal format
  • S.Stretch (Smart Stretch) – best for stretching 4:3 programs to wide screen
  • Zoom

Both of these buttons will toggle between available options within each menu.

Some of the buttons on the remote can also be found on the side of the TV:

MERRICK HALL: There is also a Samsung Blu-ray/DVD player in the lectern cart in each of these rooms. These players have their own HDMI cables, which must be plugged into the wall. The HDMI cable for laptop connectivity must first be unplugged. Please plug the original cable back in when you’re done with the player’s. Here is a link to the User Manual for the player.

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