Lab Chromebooks

Our Microbiology/Zoology labs have a set of Chromebooks for use in doing lab work. These, lightweight, portable computers have been configured to provide access to a virtual lab computer. Below are instructions for using them.

Otherwise, here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Signing in to the Chromebook: you may log in with your full OWU BishopMail address and password.
  2. Upon completing the login, you will see a browser window that opens to cloud.owu.edu and this webpage in separate tabs.
  3. If your needs require Windows programs (EvoBeaker, EcoBreaker, SPSS, etc), click on the button on the right, “VMWare Horizon HTML Access,” which will take you to a login screen for running a virtual Windows desktop session. Log in with the credentials for the Biology Lab desktop pool: User:  biovlab Password: biolab Domain: OWU
  4. You will see a screen with a single option, a button labeled “Biology Lab VDI Pool”:
  5. Click this button. In a few seconds, you will see a Windows desktop startup screen and, after a few more seconds, a Windows desktop.
  6. To avoid confusion between different browser sessions, you may wish to run the Chromebook browser in fullscreen mode, which will hide the browser window toolbars and buttons. To enter fullscreen mode, press the key that looks like this:

  7. When logging off, click the tab on the middle left-hand side. Then click the hamburger icon following “Biology Lab VD…” icon on the right side and select “Log Off’. A text box will appear to confirm you want to log off.
  8. When you are finished using the Chromebook, log out by clicking your account avatar in the menu bar/shelf and selecting ‘Sign out’ or, if the computer is to be put away, click the Power button (bottom row, last one on the right):