Corns 312

This is a large, multi-purpose event room with a stage, a sound booth, and a kitchenette for catering in the hall next door, plus plenty of closet space for tables and chairs. There are two ceiling-mounted projectors, one facing the whiteboard on the east side, the other facing the stage.

There are only Coaxial, HDMI and VGA connections on the east wall. Additional connections, along with the DVD/VHS player and audio mixer, are on the stage. The Da-Lite podium there has a built-in microphone and clock-timer. The screen on the stage lowers and raises via a wall switch on stage left.

It has Ethernet ports on the floor beside the podium on the stage, on the wall on the back of the stage, as well as along the base of the stage, but not at the instructor desk on the east side.