Email for Life (EFL)

All Ohio Wesleyan alumni are eligible for an E-mail for Life (EFL) account, with all the features and benefits of OWU BishopApps.

The Registrar’s Office typically has all new grad accounts converted from student to alumni by the end of the week after Commencement. Also, if you’re taking summer classes, or enrolled in a course with a summer travel component, your account will not be converted until later in the summer, after grades for these courses have been processed.

Graduating seniors will lose access to myOWU and Self-Service on the morning after the Registrar changes their latest enrollment status to Graduated. (Note: this also applies to any student account updated to a terminal enrollment status, such as Withdrawn, or Deregister.)

New graduates and other seniors should continue to have access to BishopNet until their account is removed or until they convert their accounts to alumni Email For Life, whichever comes first. Accounts are removed on a monthly cycle, with notices sent in the middle of the month for a projected removal date in the beginning of the following month.  Recent graduates will be exempted from the removal cycle for 2 full cycles after graduation.

Typical new graduate timeline:

  • Sometime June you will receive an email inviting you to convert your account to an EFL account
  • Sometime in the middle of June you will lose access to myOWU and Self-Service.
    • Your status, or affiliation to OWU, will change from a current student, to graduate and alum.
    • You will still have access to BishopNet and some of our other systems.
  • Sometime in late July you’ll get a notice from saying that you may no longer be eligible for your student e-mail account.
    • This message will provide you a link to convert the account to EFL.
    • If you’re staying on campus past this deadline, and Residential Life is aware of it, you won’t lose access to BishopNet.
  • After you get your account removal notice, you’ll then have 10 to 14 days to convert your account (the message will give you a specific deadline date).
    • After this deadline, you will lose access to BishopNet and all our other systems.
    • If it’s not converted and you haven’t contacted us by then, the old account will be removed, and you will lose all of your data in OWU BishopApps.

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Forwarding mail addressed to a former student address

If you are a recent graduate converting your account and would like to continue receiving emails sent to your student address,  select the option to create an alias when following the steps to convert.  Forwarding is only available for 2 months, so please notify your contacts of your new email address.

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Sign-Up for New Graduates

If your enrollment record has been updated to Graduated and you already have an OWU BishopMail account, you can convert it to EFL right now from this Web page. You’ll be asked to log in with your current OWU account username and password. Then follow the instructions on that page.

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What Happens When you Convert to EFL

Upon graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to convert your existing student email account to Alumni Email For Life (EFL). The conversion takes place under your control via a special web page. During conversion, the account username and email address will change (to something like ‘jane.doe.2015’ and ‘’, respectively) and you’ll assign the account a new password and secret Q&A combination.

You’ll also have the option of creating a special mail “alias” that will temporarily forward mail sent to your old address so that it arrives at the new address. This is to give you time to notify your correspondents of the change of address.

Everything else about the account will remain the same. All of your existing email, contacts, calendar entries, docs, sites, and settings will still be there, so you won’t have to move your stuff. You’ll still be able to send from and receive to the account, just like before. It will still be hosted by Google.

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Sign-Up for Alumni Without A Current Account

If you do not have an OWU email account, contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk at or (740)368-3120 for an EFL login username and password, then follow these steps:

  1. To set up your EFL account, first click to read the EFL Terms of Service.
  2. Then click here to go to the Alumni Account Management page: I have read and agree to the EFL Terms of Service.
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password. Just type in the information as it was given to you by Information Services. For all new EFL accounts, the username will be of the form FirstName.LastName.YearOfGraduation (e.g., “john.doe.2015”). Please note: Your EFL account is the default email address for all official University correspondence.
  4. Follow the instructions on the next screen to set up a new personal password as well as a password hint.
  5. Once your EFL account is set up, you may follow the link on the following page to start (or resume) using your BishopMail.

Note: Once you activate your EFL account, it will automatically become your primary email address in the OWU system. It is not necessary to contact Alumni Records to update this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An example username is john.doe.2010 
 not Do not include in your username when you activate your EFL account. The EFL activation will not work unless you omit the

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