This page is about the campus portal at The OWU Alumni Community Home is available at

MyOWU is an online portal for OWU faculty, staff, and students. Many commonly used resources and websites will be collected in the portal, to serve as a starting point for information and processes at OWU. The content is dynamic and audience specific. Therefore, you will only see content that pertains to you based on your affiliation with OWU.


myOWU contains a powerful search feature.  You may search just the Menu by using the search box after opening the slide out.  Searching from the search box on the right hand side will search all the content and pages you have access to.  The search center provides additional functionality to customize your search and also shows the most popular pages and documents.

Some of the important links available in myOWU:

Budget Reports
Reporting Services
Buildings & Grounds Work Request
Emergency Information and OWU Alert forms
New Student Checklist
Online Voting
Set your Secret Question to reset your own password
Student Job listings and the Student Job Assignment form
and many more

How to locate student employment items

Where to locate the On-Campus Student Employment Job Posting page:

  1. Log into the myOWU Portal – follow link below
  3. From the Menu on upper left-hand side, select Faculty And Staff
  4. Select Human Resources from Department
  5. Click on Student Job Postings found on the upper right-hand side
  6. At this point, you can now search all of the position listings. Current job openings have a status of Open.
  7. If your department’s position title is listed as filled, but you are accepting applications, please double click on the title of the position and click on the Edit Item. Change the Status from Filled to Open and hit Save.
  8. If you cannot find an accurate position title for your department – you can create a new one.
  9. Complete the form and hit Save. It will then appear on the Student Job Postings and students will begin to apply!

Where to locate the Financial Aid awards for student employees:

  1. Log into the myOWU Portal – follow the link below
  3. Open Reporting Services in the Faculty and Staff Documents Section
  4. Open the General Reports folder
  5. Open Student Employment Awards File
  6. Select 2017 award year and “View Report”

Where to locate and submit the Student Job Assignment:

  1. Log into the myOWU Portal – follow the link below
  3. Locate and select the Student Job Assignment link under the “Links” section (found towards bottom right of page)
  4. Follow prompts to complete
    1. FWS funds available field must contain a numerical value. Enter 0 of the student is not eligible.


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