BishopBuy (click here to sign in) is Ohio Wesleyan’s electronic procurement system hosted and designed by Sciquest, Inc. It creates an automated environment for processes online, such as:

  • Shopping
  • Creating and approving requisitions and forms
  • Placing purchase orders
  • Receiving products and services
  • Forms (Check Requests, Change Orders, Budget Transfers)

Financially, OWU is a smaller institution. Do we need an automated purchasing system?

BishopBuy is a shared purchasing system with the other Ohio Five institutions. A shared system allows us to leverage our combined purchasing power for better discounts. You will also see a greater benefit in your own department, as you should over time find it faster and easier to order products and services. Also, there will be less need to create records, files, and spreadsheets in order to get the information you need.

Given our current fiscal challenges, why did we purchase this software now?

We had a unique opportunity to collectively purchase the software from SciQuest with The Five Colleges of Ohio. This collaborative effort also included the implementation costs being provided by a grant from The Andrew Mellon Foundation. The low cost of implementation will allow us to see a greater return on our investment immediately.

When do I have to star using BishopBuy?

Users can start accessing the site beginning the first week of March. Training sessions will also begin in March and will be offered twice weekly through May until all users are trained. BishopBuy will replace current processes by the start of the new fiscal year on July 1st so it is imperative for you to attend a training session prior to this date.

Will I be able to use my PCard?

Yes, you will be able to select your Pcard as a payment option to buy goods/services in BishopBuy. It will be just like any other online shopping website where you select payment method as you check out.

How does this affect the PCard clearing process?

It does not. The Pcard clearing process will still be maintained in the Smartdata system. Even if you purchase goods/services through the BishopBuy system, you will still load the receipt you receive from the vendor into the Smartdata system.

How will BishopBuy Help me do my job?

BishopBuy will be an all-in-one solution for business procurement processes. With all the shopping, quoting, ordering, approving, receiving, invoices, contracts, attachments, and reporting at your fingertips, you should see greater efficiency in your ability to manage department requests for goods, services, and information. The list below is grouped by role type to see specifically how the role you hold now in the purchasing process will translate into the BishopBuy system process.

  • Shopping
    • Shop by using a search engine option for all products/services within the site
    • Ability to assign a shopping cart to another person for account number entry
    • Shop from shared contracts for pricing, shipping costs, tax status, etc.
    • Shopping availability for all employees
    • Shopping & paying with P card
  • Requisitioning
    • Enhanced supplier search functionality
    • Requisition approval workflow driven by account number
    • New Vendor Form within the requisition/check request
    • Ability to requisition on behalf of another person
  • Approving
    • Automat
    •  functionality from any browser, including smartphones/tablets
    • Ability to approve request via e-mail with a security code
    • Ability to assign a temporary alternate approver when necessary
    • Purchase Order/Check Request history visibility for the shopper, requester, and approver
  • Invoicing
    • Electronic Receiving (invoices will no longer need to be passed around for signatures)
    • Ability to attach the invoice to the file for payment
  • Overall Experience
    • Forms (Check Requests, Change Orders, Budget Transfers) are workflow driven with the same approval criteria
    • Attachment capability for quotes, confirmations, shipping/receiving paperwork, invoices, comments, etc.
    • Alerts, Emails, and Notifications customized by the user to see everything from the request entering workflow, every approval step, to the date and time the PO was sent to the vendor
    • A home for OWU internal service request website links
    • A central repository for finance policies
    • A central repository for contracts with open or limited visibility
    • Sourcing module for turning an order into a request for bid for items like furniture
  • Reporting Capabilities
    • All data available to search is also available to export

Here is a sample of the home screen:


More info is available on the OWU Purchasing website.