Zoom for Ohio Wesleyan

We have a campus-wide Zoom license, available to all current faculty, staff, and students.

OWU’s Pro license gives you access to many features not included with Zoom’s free version, such as a 300-person participant limit, polling, breakout rooms, Google Calendar integration, and 24-hour meeting limit. Sessions can be recorded to the cloud (1 GB storage limit) or locally (or easily saved to Google Drive via Drive File Stream.) All OWU account holders can host meetings, and outside guests can join these sessions as well. The Zoom Mobile App adds flexibility.

Sometime soon, we will provide a branded experience. In the meantime, you can download virtual backgrounds from our main website.

How to access

When signing in, select the “Sign in with SSO” option, (scroll down if you don’t see it) and enter owu-edu in the company domain box. You can also go to https://owu-edu.zoom.us/, and click the sign-in button there.

If you need help

Zoom has a robust Help Center, with video tutorials, live training webinars, and more. Or, ask us.