Self-Service FAQ for Faculty

Frequently asked questions about using Self-Service version 9 for faculty, advisors, and departmental staff.

How do I email all my advisees/selected advisees using Self-Service?
    • Advising > Manage Advisees > enter % in search and press Enter/Return > Click check box above the list > click the envelope icon.

Note that Self-Service does not save a record of emails sent. This is a good place to copy all their emails, and paste that somewhere else.

How do I email all students in my class/selected students in my class using Self-Service?

How do I enter mid-semester/final grades?

How do I view my advisees’ unofficial transcript using Self-Service?
  • Advising > Manage Advisees > search for student > select their name > Select Unofficial Transcript

How do I view my class rosters using Self-Service? The “OWU Class List” option just takes me to Reporting Services.
  • Classes > Course Management > select your course from the dropdown > Class List
  • Screenshot in #2 above.
How do I authorize/check authorization for my advisees?
  • Advising > Authorize Registration > My Advisees > select a student > click the Authorize icon

How do I add my pronouns to my name?
  • Name in top right corner > Profile > Preferred Name > click the pencil icon.

How can I see Quantitative Reasoning, Writing Option, and Diversity Requirement information for courses?
    • If I search for classes using just the prefix for the class (chem, phys, math, etc.) the diversity/quant/writing options do not come up, just the lecture or lab sections. How can I see these options and advise my students to register for the options when registering for the course?
      • The first two options under Search are Course and Section. The Course option only shows what’s in the catalog, including the code, department, and description. The Section search will show what’s currently being offered this or the upcoming semester. You will need to use the Section search to find diversity, quantitative, writing options.

How do I find the advisors for the students on my class roster without looking them up individually?
  • You’ll find a link to the OWU Class List report in the Classes menu. It will take you to Reporting Services where you can choose the term, course in question, and status of Add for current students on the roster. After clicking View Report at the upper right, this report shows advisors for the whole class. You can also find advisor information for individual students in Degree Audit, and Starfish.

Other questions and suggestions
  • Can we make it a little longer before Self-Service times out?
    • Students are very mobile and longer timeouts lead to compromised accounts on public workstations. The timeout only applies to idle time, so it won’t log you out if you’re actively using it.
  • What is the “Department” tab for?
    • Used by department chairs and other administrative features
  • The Degree Audit choice under “Registration” always takes me to a page that says “Access Denied.”
    • This issue has been resolved.
  • How do I advise a student on how to drop a class using Self-Service during the first week of class? I cannot see what they see so it’s hard to figure out how to help them.” always takes me to a page that says “Access Denied.”
    • Registration > Courses > click the trash can on the card for the course you want to drop.
  • It might be useful to have a listing of what all the options do in the Advanced Search when looking up classes. What do all the boxes mean, and how can I best use them? It would be good to know how to see all the TR classes that start at 10 am.
    • Drop down the Meeting field on the Advanced Search screen for days that the class meets.

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