SMART Boards

SMART Boards are interactive white boards that are compatible with computers. As SMART  technologies puts it, the “interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, and brings interactivity to any environment.” For more information on SMART boards visit their website. There are currently three SMART boards on campus. They can be found in the following rooms: Presser Rehearsal Room, and Sanborn 201 and 313.

Here is a handout with SMART Setup Instructions.

If you wish to use a SMART board for educational purposes you may contact the Performing Arts Department Office Manager. To use the technology you must have the appropriate software downloaded on your computer. The software can be found on the SMART website.  If you are experiencing problems with a SMART board you may contact the Instructional Technologist for help.

The Education classrooms that previously had SMART Boards now have alternative equipment. More information is available on their pages:

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