myOWUThis page is about the campus portal at The OWU Alumni Community Home is available at

MyOWU is an online portal for OWU faculty, staff, and students. Many commonly used resources and websites are collected in the portal, to serve as a starting point for information and processes at OWU. The content is dynamic and audience specific. Therefore, you will only see content that pertains to you based on your affiliation with OWU.

Some of the important links available in myOWU:

Where to locate the On-Campus Student Employment Job Posting page

All student employment job postings are advertised through Handshake.  Please contact if your department is hiring a student.  You will need to submit a detailed job description which includes the position’s hourly rate of pay.  Also, please include the number of student employees you are hiring for each separate position.

Where to locate the Financial Aid awards for student employees

  1. Log into the myOWU Portal – follow this link,
  2. Select the Reporting Services link
  3. Open the General Reports folder
  4. Open Student Employment Awards File
  5. Select an award year and “View Report” (This report will not be updated until close to the start of Fall Semester.)

Where to locate and submit the Student Job Assignment

  1. Log into the myOWU Portal – follow this link
  2. Locate and select the Student Job Assignment Form link
  3. Follow prompts to complete
    • You will need the student’s OWU email address to complete.
    • Start date will be the date student employment position will begin for the current semester.
    • The FWS available funds field must contain a numerical value.  Enter 0 if the student is not eligible.
    • 2020 Ohio minimum wage is $8.70 / hour