Adobe Software

Adobe Systems Incorporated is a company that has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software product.

Adobe Software Licenses

Adobe Software includes Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Professional, Flash, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, and more. Faculty and staff must purchase individual licenses for their software through the Purchasing department. Adobe Creative Cloud, their software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite, has many options, including using web apps online or downloading and installing the applications locally.

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How do I Connect Dreamweaver To My Personal Web Page on

Here is how to add your personal web page on as a site in Dreamweaver:

  1. Click on the Site menu and select Manage Sites
  2. Click the “New…” button.
  3. Use the following settings:
  4. Name: (or a name you specify)
  5. Access type: FTP
  6. FTP host:
  7. Host directory: (leave blank)
  8. Login: (your OWU username–same as for email)
  9. Password: (your OWU password–same as for email)
  10. Use passive FTP — (leave blank)
  11. Use IPv6 transfer mode — (leave blank)
  12. Use firewall — (leave blank)
  13. Use Secure FTP (SFTP) — Put a check mark by this setting but don‘t click the “Firewall Settings” button
  14. URL prefix:
  15. Click the “OK” button
  16. Click the “Done” button and it will prompt you for your password if you didn’t tell it to save it
  17. Once you’re connected, you will see a listing of files and folders on the right side under Local Files
  18. (Be sure to put your web pages under the “public_html” folder.)

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Enable Reader Users To Save Form Data

Ordinarily, Reader users can’t save filled-in copies of forms that they complete. However, you can extend rights to Reader users so they have the ability to do so. These extended rights also include the ability to add comments, use the Typewriter tool, and digitally sign the PDF.

  1. Open a single PDF, or select one or more PDFs in a PDF Portfolio.
  2. Choose Advanced > Extend Features In Adobe Reader.

These extended privileges are limited to the current PDF. When you create a different PDF form, you must perform this task again if you want to enable Reader users to save their own filled-in copies of that PDF.

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How To Create PDF Files
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