Google Forms

Google Forms is a tool that is part of GoogleĀ Drive for creating surveys, quizzes, or web input forms. Ā  This tool can be found at: Ā

Making quizzes

The easiest way to make a quizĀ is to start with the Blank Quiz template. This will automatically add an Answer Key link at the bottom of multiple choice questions. Click it to set the correct answer and assign a number of points for the question. In the Settings dialogue box (via the gear icon at top right) click the Quizzes tab to specify when grades are releases, and what respondents or students can see. This is also where you can turn a regular form into an automatically graded quiz, by clicking the “Make this a quiz” slider.

How to include informed consent

To include informed consent, put all the info about the survey and participation in it in Title & Description boxes aboveĀ the first section break. Google Forms handles each section as separate page. The only question at the bottom of this first sectionĀ will then be, “Do you agree to participate in the survey?” Set “Go to section based on answer” in the question options menu (the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner.) If they select Yes, they should go to the rest of the survey questions. If they select No, they should get a thanks for your timeĀ message. Either way, they’ll both have to Submit the form. Here’s a link to a sample:

Example form with informed consent

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