Typing Assistance

Typing Help
This is the list of four websites that will help you improve your typing skills!


Typing Web
Typing Master
Mavis Beacon
Still need help?

Rapid Typing Zone

Learn how to use your keyboard in a fun and entertaining way for absolutely free. RapidTyping is designed to teach adults and kids to use their computer keyboard more efficiently than ever. Learning to type can be easy and fun!

RapidTyping is completely free.

-No usage limitation.

-They don’t ask you for your mail or registration.

-No nag-screens.

-No spyware/adware in the software.

And of course you don’t have to pay to get the software and share it with friends.



TypingWeb is a free web service for these who want to learn quick typing. The site provides a variety of interactive tutorials to learn quick typing for all levels (beginner, advanced, special). To begin simply select the tutorial you want and start typing.

There is no registration required, however registering on the site lets you track your progress, access additional content such as games, custom typing skins and compete for your place in the Hall of Fame.



TyingMaster is a program that will work as a personal typing tutor helping you to improve your typing speed. TypingMaster is a great tool when you are learning typing because it can help you to improve your typing speed by means of lessons, advices and advanced tests. Lessons increases their difficulty according you move forward to higher levels; besides, those are not typical boring lessons, but you can play games where you will have to type very well if you want to move forward to next lesson.

One of the great features of TypingMaster is a useful function called ProTrainer Satellite. This function monitors your typing while you are using other Windows applications, and will find out your weaknesses, so in this way the application will be able to advice you what areas you need to be improved.
Definitely TypingMaster is an excellent tool that will help you to learn typing with great accuracy in an easy and fast way. It has a good set of features and is easy to use, although there is no screen by screen information or instruction, but you will find that using this program is a piece of cake and will improve your typing skills.


Let Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing guide your typing tutorials. Mavis Beacon will monitor your progress, flag your weak spots and offer challenging lessons to help you continue improving your keyboarding skills. Exercise your typing fingers with more than 221 practice lessons and 103 custom lessons. Enjoy 14 entertaining arcade-style games that make practicing fun.

Enhanced user interface is compatible with widescreen laptops and leaves the desktop more accessible even while the program is running. Make your learning even more efficient by customizing lessons to fit your needs. Download lessons to your Palm Pilot for easy portable practice sessions. Jazz up your lessons by importing your own MP3 files to listen to while you practice. Straighten up your keyboarding skills by correcting your posture and physical alignment with ergonomic evaluation videos.