Online Forms and Surveys

A brief comparison of features among three tools available to OWU.

Blackboard Enterprise Surveys Google Forms Visual Form Builder for WordPress*
Front-end Form/Survey Features
Sections   x x
Embedding Video/Images x x x
Progress Bar Options   x  
Autocomplete Functionality     x
Randomize/Change Question Order x x  
Field/Question Types
Name Input Fields   x x
Date Fields   x x
Phone Number Fields   x x
Multiple Choice Questions x x x
Short Answer Questions x x x
Long Answer/Essay Questions x x x
Drop Down Questions x x x
Fill in the Blank(s) Questions x    
HTML Questions     x
Time Questions   x x
Quiz Bowl Questions (Requires answers to be in the form of a question) x    
True or False Questions x    
Upload Documents as Answers   x x
Back-end Form/Survey Features
Conditional Logic   x x
Email Functionality   x x
Ability to Upload Questions x    
Limit Amount of Responses   x  
Quiz Option (Provides auto-grading) x x  
Form Expiration     x
Can Edit after Submission   x  
Edit Confirmation/Notification Emails     x
Export/Import Forms/Surveys x   x

*Visual Form Builder is available in OWU WordPress.

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